Cote des Basques

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Cote des Basques:

That beach is framed by steep dropping hills and the buildings of outer Biarritz. Itīs a bit like a stadium and walkways and stairs leading down to the beach promenade add to that arena character.

The place has its part in european surfing history as itīs one of the first locations to be surfed at the old wourld. And it seems to be forever that the Biarritz surf festival is held here.

Parking is very limited at the beach promenade not only during the surf festival so you better look for a place in the town outskirts above the cliff and walk down the stairs.

surfing: there is a couple of breaks that work best on low tide. All of them have pretty mellow waves (some will call them mushy) with the peak right in front of the cliff to the south being the most powerfull. Longboarders and beginners really love that place. Needless to say that itīs never empty here.

windsurfing: due to the lack of wind in this area and the steep cliffs blocking westerly winds itīs very rare to get a good sailing session here. Winds from the south are the only real option.

kiteboarding: there is almost no room to launch kites here.


as allways there is more pics in the galleries (the place, surf)


information about the current weather, wind and wave situation are to be found here: