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[Pays Basque] [2015-10-26] [2015-10-30]



At a very beautiful part of the French Basque Country coast a hill sticks out its rocky nose into the Atlantic Ocean and creates a little bay bordered by lush green hill flanks and – most important – by two reefs. The northerly one creates one of the best point breaks in the area, if not in whole France.

Being very close to the coastal towns of Saint Jean de Luz, Guethary and Biarritz and with the motorway just a couple of hundred meters inland, it is no surprise that this is also one of the most crowded breaks in a wave rich area. The various campsites on top of the hill at the point make sure that even pre-dawn sessions won´t be solitude sessions. Nevertheless, worth a visit. Respect the specific point break line-up rules and the locals and bring some patience.

Enough said, check the galleries for more impressions (2015-10-25 and 2015-10-30).

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