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What used to be too few houses to even be called a town is nowadays a still growing settlement of holiday homes and a large campground. The reason for this tourist development is the access to the northernmost end of the large beach that starts a few kilometres further south at Penthievre at the narrow isthmus of the Quiberon peninsula.

The extra popularity of this part of the beach comes from the small rock islands just offshore and the little cape that give the northernmost part of the beach some protection from swells. During the extremely busy summer months there is lifeguards stationed at the beach and they try to bring some order into the chaos by dividing the beach into a swimming area (to the right), a windsurfing and surfing area (to the middle) and a kiteboarding zone (to the left). Access to the main parking is limited in height and camper vans only get close to the beach via the camp ground.

Windsurfing: with north-westerly to northerly winds you get very nice wave-sailing conditions, which made the beach that popular amongst windsurfers in the beginning. Westerly winds can bring very challenging conditions when they coincide with larger swells (which is the standard scenario in autumn and winter).

Surfing: the further down (to the left) you get, the bigger become the waves. This allows you to choose wave size and is very helpful for beginners. Still the better surfing sandbars usually can be found further down at Sainte Barbe.

Kiteboarding: there is plenty of room at the beach even with higher tides and during onshore to side-onshore conditions the kite is the best suited tool. Very popular nowadays around here so do not expect to be alone.

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