Europe XXL

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Europe XXL

Since a couple of years and especially after the epic winter of 2006 / 2007, Europe more and more gets on the radar of big wave surfers from around the world. What a few diehard chargers from the “old contintent” knew since a long time now spreads. Europe can have massive waves that mean a challenge even for those big boys from the pacific.

In this section we want to show you a bit what´s going on big wave wise over here.

January 2009: While northern Europe had some spectacular waves last winter, the guys on the Canary Islands had to be very patient. But in the middle of December 2008, at the last days of the one year waiting period, a decent swell finally made it to the Canary Islands and La Santa Surf finally could start their SantaTowInBigSession. Read what happened >>>

December 2007: We start with a little report about the SantaTowInBigSession, an completely new kind of towin event on the Canaries. Check it out >>>