north sea areas

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The whole weatcoast of Jylland is engaged in a constant fight against the ever land hungry north sea.  Trees never grow straight, most of them are bent versus the east by the constant westwinds.

A couple of hundred years ago the coast of southern Jylland was situated far more west. Now there are just the islands of Romo and Fano who give a hint of the old coastline. The once ago firm land of the area between these islands and the actual coastline now get flooded and partially fall dry in the rhythm of tides. The former farmlands are now home of a variety of aquatic and amphybig species. The remaining land was fought for by danes and germans for centurys and now offers a rich historical culture. Highlights are the towns of Tönder, Ribe and Esbjerg.


The Islands of Romo and Fano offer wide sand beaches and extended dune areas. There are some nice spots for windsurfing and kitesurfing and during low tide for kite buggies.

The liitle town of Blavand has a south facing coastline that is protected from too heavy waves by the sandbars of the Blavandshuk . There You´ll find north sea light conditions for windsurfing and kiting.

The long stretch of coast from Blavandshuk to Hanstholm faces west and gets the full furor of the north sea. Most of the coastline is sheltered by dams from the winterly storms and floods. Sand is the dominating ground. For playing in the waves check out Hvide Sande Mole, Torsminde, Agger, Norre Vorupor, Klitmøller, Hanstholm, Vigsø and what You can find in between.

There is also a couple of so called Fjords. These are shallow saltwater lakes that are separated from the open sea only by a small stretch of dunes and dams . They offer superb flatwater conditions for beginning windsurfers and kiters as for speed and freestyle freaks. And with easterly wind directions they often offer the only posibility to get wet. Places to go are Hvide Sande Fjord, Thisted and many more fairly easy accessible spots at the Ringköbing Fjord, the Nissum Bredning and the Limfjorden.

The nothern part of Jylland faces the Skagerrak. The coast bends east at hanstholm. This hinders all southwest swell to enter the Jammer Bugt. Norway blocks off all northwest swells. Therefore the spots at the Jammer Bugt offer moderate wavesailing conditions and beginner surf conditions. The Limfjorden which connects the noth sea with the Kattegat makes this part of Jylland to an island. The Limfjorden offers nices sailing and flatwater windsurfing and kite conditions.